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CESAR in brief

Founded in 1842
in Saumur (France)

Creativity, quality
and service

Creative department
located in France

Our history

From masks to costumes

Founded in 1842, César is a family-owned French company that has become a major name in Europe offering products for special occasions. While the company initially specialised in making masks, it has since extended its expertise to the design and manufacture of costumes.

Every year, CESAR unveils a collection of high-quality costumes covering various themes for all occasions. Our company offers products that keep with the times, catering to everyone of all ages! We also accept requests for customised designs tailored to suit your requirements.


Not only is CESAR an iconic brand in costumes, it is also backed by more than a century of experience in designing masks and costumes.

Our values



Our creative department offers products and packaging that live up to our customers’ latest expectations. Every collection that we unveil includes a wide range of new items.



Our products are manufactured in Madagascar in a production facility that simultaneously meets the CESAR group’s ethical standards and our clients’ requirements, which is why all our product ranges comply with the new European Directive on the safety of toys (2009/48/CE).



Our marketing and sales teams strive to provide you with all the right tools to assist you in selling our products: shelf-ready packaging, product layout designs, etc.